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Photography gloves


We Are Vallerret

We are photographers inspired by winter, thriving in the deepest darkest days of the year. We know the perfect winter shot takes patience and endurance, and if you’re going to thrive in winter, it requires the tools to stay warm.

Here at Vallerret, we design premium gloves customized to fit the needs of adventurous photographers in their battle against cold hands.

In 2015, we designed Vallerret’s first photography glove which we launched via Kickstarter.

Today, we offer a full line of photography gloves sold and enjoyed world-wide by all types of photographers; from amateur landscape photographers to professional snowboard photographers.

Photography and videography provide us with a free creative space where we can get out there and make awesome things happen — and capture it! We strive to help our fellow photographers enjoy as many photography adventures as possible and we work hard to offer the absolute best solutions for staying warm and comfortable.


Instagram: @vallerret

FaceBook: Vallerret



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