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Accessori telefonia mobile



For Content Creators, By Content Creators.

Our team here in Europe is slowly growing, and we want to get our idea and products out there - making peoples photography more enjoyable. What we have done is to primarily focus on premium optics, accessories & accessories for mobile phones.

All our products are sold under our own brand S | ASSETS | V. 

Our lenses are compatible with (almost) all phone models on the market today, Samsung, Huawei, Iphone (Apple), Xiaomi, Pixel, Oneplus, Nokia, Sony, ZTE, etc. The lenses also fit perfectly with other similar mobile devices such as tablets, computers, etc. We offer our customers an "enhanced" experience with their mobile phone, our optics expand and improve the mobile phone's camera function, and allow the user to make better use of their creativity. 

Also worth to note: Why go buy a seperate camera or action camera? 

Save both money and the environment, upgrade your phone today.


Instagram: @sv_assets

FaceBook: SVassets



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