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Vallerret Photography Gloves is a Norwegian company that produces specialized gloves for photographers, it is obvious to say that coming from the extreme north of Europe an eye for the cold and comfort is among their priorities, but also the aesthetic pleasure is not bad and the combination of these two things brought me closer to this brand that, with great satisfaction, allowed me to collaborate with them and test some of their products!

So as I prepare and organize for the next adventure (in the shadow of Mr. "The nose", "El Capitan" for the affectionate) I will give a good try to the products targati Vallerret to stay with hands and, why not, head to the heat!

I would like to point out, due to the seriousness of the company, that a couple of weeks after my review the product has been modified with a new pair of "internal" gloves (a pair of synthetic material instead of merino wool mittens) and I got the confirmation directly that they would send me even those (free of charge): an extra point and already they did not need it...

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Packaging and Content.

They gave me the chance to choose the product that I liked and from the catalog I chose the model Skadi that is nothing more than a padded moffole pair and with a zipper on the top of the fingers to open them and use normally the hand, Together with the standard Moffola there is also a comfortable pair of merino wool gloves that helps to keep your hand even warmer; all this is airy in a comfortable bag of black fabric with the Vallerret logo printed on it, comfortable to carry them in the bag without ruining.

Together with the pair of gloves I had also ordered a cap, the classic dark red wool Beanie cap, which they kindly gave me; the company in the catalog as well as many other types of gloves (always pinned to the use in video/photo field) also has neck warmer, microfiber cloths, hand warmers and, for those approaching the photograph, some vdeocorso on winter photography!

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Characteristics and Impressions.

I start talking about gloves and I must admit that aesthetically they are beautiful, aesthetics is a personal factor, but they are as they are shown in the catalogue: from the colors to the details and definitely is a point in favor having I chosen a color black and beige with some mimetic shades on the mitten!

The product in question has been renewed and I was also sent the update to test, ie the wool gloves previously included in the combo have been replaced with the new gloves PSP Liner (Power Stretch Pro): warmer and more durable, light and comfortable, with fingertips skilled at the touch screen and, what I found very comfortable, much more resistant to moisture!!!

For convenience I chose a size higher than the indicated sizes and this makes them to wear comfortable without having the feeling of having the hands caged, Skadi have this peculiarity of the zipper on the tips of the fingers offering the possibility to use the fingers: opened as soon as you can bring out the index only (if for example you have to take a few photos on the fly) or opening it completely the Moffola allows the free use of all four fingers without compresses, a clip then allows to hold the glove open on the side of the hand; in the same way the thumb tip has a cap that opens freeing it from the encumbrance of the cover of the heavy layer of padding... the merino wool glove is comfortable and warm, but being two separate pieces you can also choose not to use it or to use some other glove (in case I confirm the choice of an extra size to be sure not to feel then with the hand squeezed). On the back of the Moffola we have a hinge that can be used both to hold the heater and to put in small objects (give money to memory cards or whatever you want)Also, in case you have to remove the Moffola a cuff with a ribbon allows you to hold it on your wrist without losing it... a way to combine profit with pleasure? Skadi!

The Beanie hat is the classic wool cap, in this case of ARTIFICIAL FABRIC (the firm takes good care to specify it!!), promises to keep the head warm and is exactly what it does, without promises and without pretensions, without infamy and without praise: I sock and you can forget about the cold, your ears will stick to your head without falling off after 10 minutes!!!
It is not waterproof, but it does not claim to be so, so it goes well for the cold and at most for the snow, obviously putting it in the pouring rain without a hood on can have its cons; but at that point the responsibility is not even of the hat...
The choice can also fall on the color black, but I preferred a splash of color and the red arrived is really nice, after several uses has not yet made any balls ne' is frayed so I can trust that I will last a while longer.

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