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Leading brand in the field of photographic printing at european level Saal Digital is present daily online with advertising, offers, product tests and promotions, tests and promotions that I have been able to take advantage of in the past and thanks to which I had already been able to touch with hand the quality level of their products...

It was a great surprise when instead of the usual review-test I came up with a real collaboration proposal and from this possibility, instead of taking advantage of it and testing a single great product maxi as seen in common use, I wanted to take advantage of it and test different types of product and for this reason my review on Saal Digital products will be broken up into different releases based on the products that I will show you: in this "first edition" I’ll tell you about the desk products!!!


It was a big surprise when instead of the usual review-test I came up with a real collaboration proposal and from this possibility instead of taking advantage of it before continuing, However, I want to share with you the big surprise and give you a €20 DISCOUNT to use in the following way:

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Packaging and Content.

Needless to say that packaging, in quality products, is almost as important as the quality of the product itself and every item that arrived to me is carefully packed and boxed individually to then be all condensed (but not packed) in a larger box so that nothing moved during transport and that, therefore, everything remained in place.

As mentioned above my order has been of huge quantities and with various types of product and in this article I will focus on some nice personalized business cards, a nice table print size 10x15 in GalleryPrint, a mouse pad (who doesn’t have a mouse in house nowadays?) and a great photo book 20x20 to remind me every day of how beautiful (and cool) Patagonia was in the middle of the southern winter (damn' me!): each product in its cardboard box with sheets of light paper or cardboard to separate any parts in contact with each other... also products that would have been comfortably in the same package without any problems (like book and mouse pad) are separated joints; surely a packaging that borders on perfection!

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Characteristics and Impressions.

Let's take a look at the products, one by one, for an easier view...

Business cards are now "cool" and half the people have nothing to advertise (I feel almost old to remember the vending machines to make business cards that I found on the road "just a few months ago", you know), but it also happens that of these inevitable colored cards if you really need them; It happens then to have to leave just a contact to the first one that passes or to have to leave own business card for commercial reasons or of image and can serve some thing more than a note... for these I chose a simple front/back printing with a nice photo printed on one side and a plain and simple list of my contacts on the other (facade as such to what I have on the simplest cards made to make economically from the online offers of the first one that passes. Obviously the prices are different, but at the same time the product is different: the print is good, the colors are more than faithful and especially if you hold in your hand for a few seconds you will not find your address printed on your fingertips and fingerprints on paper card!!! If you need a higher quality cardboard, this is a good choice, if you are looking for the cheap option, you will be disappointed!

A nice table print in Gallery Print size 10x15, print on Aluminium dibond with a thin layer of glass in front that makes the image brighter and more appealing, I chose a landscape photo to better test the colors and shades getting an excellent quality, the choice would be great to always keep with if' portraits or however photos of people! The two optimal chrome feet, all occupy a few centimeters of depth and are mounted simply by screwing them: a very good light and small product that is everywhere!

The mouse pad is now a standard piece of furniture: on which table today there is no mouse? Here it is difficult to talk about the quality of the product, but it has to look at the quality of the printing that, like the rest of the products signed Saal Digital, is high!

Last product I’ll talk about today is the photo book, as for all the viggi I do I chose the size 20x20 cm with spiral binding: I have printed others in the past with other brands and despite a relatively similar price quality, I will be boring to repeat it, it is really high! Starting from the transparent plastic cover that helps the real front page to stay away from dust and various fingering, The inside pages allow a very good view of both the photographs and the written parts... certainly the best souvenir book I have printed at the moment.

Reading the reviews seems obvious that we speak well because "in collaboration" or to make a good impression with the brand, but I think it is also necessary to point out that receiving a good press (of whatever type of press you are talking about) is also the result of having used a priori quality material, so the primary factor to get a good product is to use photographs or pictures of good quality... "easy to say, but how do I know if a good quality product?" could be the question, and right here comes the beauty, perhaps one of the greatest pros that offers Saal Digital: the possibility of using the formatting program specially created, both directly online on their website and downloading it and creating their projects calmly from home, with the possibility to save them and resume them in the future, with the price always updated and, with the help of the internet network, with direct access to the cart to manage and send your orders without going through the website! On the program, moreover, according to the product that you choose there are all the guides and the possible aids for a correct layout, to judge the quality of the image and to see the previews of the finished product.

What to say more? Try to believe... or trust and be safe!!!

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