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Thanks to the collaboration with Rollei I had the opportunity to try the photo stand Solid Rock Alpha Mark 2 and that say, the name "Solid Rock" presents very well the product that comes out as top series of the German brand: a big and robust tripod that even if "heavy" to just hold it in hand does not weigh at all its over 2 kilograms and half head included.

Sold with a beautiful and robust bag and with a series of accessories that add value on the field is definitely a product to which the most demanding photographers will smile; the fast and efficient customer service are the added value for this stand that will have no problem to become the main travel companion for our photographic exits when weight and size do not have to be the point preliminary to the session.

Packaging and Content.

The practical bag (external dimension 67 cm) is made of durable material and, for what I could test, relatively waterproof (at the time of the review I have not yet had the "luck" to take seriously water; but moisture, mud and loose frost have not surpassed the zip in the outer fabric).

The tripod is made of carbon allows a payload of as much as 30 kg, the legs are 4 sections and the screw closures allow a precise and easy fixing for frames ranging from 20 minimum to 165 cm maximum from the ground), The standard feet are made of rubber and allow a good grip on the conventional bottoms without danger of slides; the mounting plate is equipped with 3/8‘‘; and 1/4‘‘; threads (the classics).

The ball head T7S Mark II with panoramic function guarantees stability to a 40 kg equipment and comes out as standard with its quick release plate Arca Swiss compatible.

Allen Wrenches suitable for any kind of maintenance operation as well as three metal bits to replace the rubber feet and, again, three locking plates to prevent the tripod sinking into less solid soils.

Warranty and instructions for use are obviously present in the package.

For more info look at the Product's Official Page.

Characteristics and Impressions.

The first thing that struck me about this tripod is the ability to take pictures practically from the ground level with a disarming ease thanks to the absence of the central column, the head is screwed directly onto the anchoring plate: the most "conventional" stands they normally use the classic central column to reach maximum heights and they involve having to unscrew the head and hook it to the bottom of the column itself (if not literally rotate the central column) and reverse frame the scene, Some more evolved model is born with a system of the central column reclining that allows to lower the shot... here we only have to shorten the legs and open them at most to get only 20 cm from the ground. As if that were not enough, the absence of the central column allows a greater stability of our equipment also to complete extension reaching the 165 cm from the ground, practically goodbye back pain and shots "at the height of man" for almost everyone (I don’t want giants)!

Screw locks allow extreme stability in any situation (although at first sight the clamping system may be more practical, it happened that some sand or snow was deposited inside and as it was removed the system was not completely closed) and offer less space.

The rubber feet themselves provide stability to the equipment, but on slippery surfaces can be removed to insert the standard iron tips (very practical especially on wet rock or ice) and if the bottom is not completely stable and solid (mud, snow, dry grass) there are still three locking plates that, just like our walking sticks, prevent the legs from sinking too much destabilizing the whole.

The rubber handles make it easy to hold the tripod and the presence of the levels on both his shoulder and head make it easy to align our equipment to the ground; In addition, the presence of two 3/8‘‘and 1/4‘‘threaded holes on the shoulder of the stand make it possible to mount additional accessories (such as braces for fixing flashes, lights, mobile phones, actioncam or monitors).Ball head has a panoramic function to allow us to rotate precisely and comfortably our photo/camera without having to constantly change the frame.

In essence the complete stand weighs 2.759 kg (2.125 kg without head) and with a maximum encumbrance when closed of 67 cm will allow us to shoot from only 20 cm up to 165 cm from the ground satisfying us in almost all our needs, ensuring stability to an equipment that reaches up to 30 kg (although the head ensures to keep on 40, the tripod is guaranteed for 30). Here comes the most common question and that is "What can I do with 30 kg of capacity"? Obviously those who are interested in such a "beast" will answer themselves, but just think of a child who, though safe in the arms of the brother of a little older, definitely will be firmer still in the strong arms of the handsome dad and so the answer comes easy to anyone: our 2-3-4 kg of equipment will surely be firm in every situation (wind, rain, slope) on the legs of "Solid Rock" by the great Alpha Mark 2!!!

For more info look at the Product's Official Page.


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